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Who Are Kevin David & David Arnett?

Kevin David

Like everyone else, I dreamed of working for a big tech firm and eventually landed a prestigious position at Facebook, beating out almost 500 other candidates. Working at Facebook with all the extravagant perks, was like a dream come true.
Or so I thought…
In no time, the situation made me realize I didn’t want to settle for the constant grind where my salary and title determined my worth. I didn’t want to work for anyone else but me. This realization set me off on a quest to find something that could give me the Time and Financial Freedom that I wanted. 
One Friday night while working late, I stumbled across Amazon FBA and the rest is history. One month later, I launched my first Amazon product, and years later created a successful online empire. It’s now become my mission to teach others how to find their own success through Amazon FBA.

David Arnett

In a very short period of time, David has built multiple wildly successful Amz stores and sold some of them for handsome payouts.

David employs a large fulfillment team and has over 155k square feet of warehousing space that is used to service all of the AMZ Autopilot partners.
David works relentlessly to ensure that all AMZ Autopilot partners are given only the absolute best and most profitable products assigned to their accounts. The focus of the AMZ Autopilot team is client-centric, by delivering only world-class customer service. 

Below Are A Few Of Our Students That Were In Your Position Just A Few Short Months Ago...

“From a recreational therapist to successfully escaping the 9-to-5 Grind”

Sean found us when he made up his mind to do something different that would give him financial freedom.
He was a recreational therapist stuck in the vicious cycle of paychecks, which made him realize he did not want to kill himself in the corporate rat race and wait until he is 60 to be financially free.
Instead of compromising and suffocating with his current situation, he decided to take solid action now and start his entrepreneurial journey.
With zero experience and knowledge in selling on Amazon, he decided to take our help and automate the Amazon business for him.

We are so proud of Sean, he decided to take action, and refused to give up no matter what!

“Scaled her Amazon business to the next level”

The first thought that arose into Jenny’s (our former Amazon FBA student) mind when she heard of our Amazon Autopilot program is that “it is too good to be true”.
Jenny was willing to choose us again for Amazon Autopilot, which is a great achievement in itself for us.
She was already running her Amazon FBA store and is now excited to take her business to the next level with sales starting to come in.

Jenny followed her instincts once again which is a big step towards living life on her own terms.

It’s an amazing journey with her and yet a long road ahead!

«Was skeptical, but did his research before partnering with us»

Levi was also skeptical about joining and investing in Amazon Autopilot just like you.
He had doubts?
No, it’s a common business practice to do careful research before any investment and this is what we really appreciate. 
He watched our webinars, Q&A’s before stepping his foot on Amazon Autopilot and guess what his efforts really paid off well.
His willingness to start his entrepreneurial journey connected us both. Now, with his amazon store running and making great sales, he says it was one of the best investments he had made till now.
You are always one decision away from totally flipping your life just like Levi!

Okay so I've seen your students success, I've seen you in the media, I've learned more about you... What About Amz?!

The first thing people always ask is, «Is Amz saturated, or can it work for someone like me with NO experience…»
…And the answer might SHOCK YOU! As of this month, close to 60% of sales on Amz were made by EVERYDAY PEOPLE just like you and me! And that number is growing larger every single day… Look below to see a graph of third party sales on Amz by quarter!

Number of Total Sales on Amz for 3rd Party Sellers (Everyday People and Small Businesses) as of Q1 of THIS YEAR!

As of 2021, According to Amz's Shareholder Letter, Over 140,000+ sellers are making More than 6 Figures in Sales Revenue Per Year (From COMPLETE Beginners!)

The answer to the next most popular question is for me personally… the most astonishing of all!
Picture for just a moment, the Staples Center, where the Lakers play FILLED with people. That’s 20,000 people packed into a single building. 
Now one more time… picture that same building 10x TIMES OVER…
When we hear «But how many people are making Serious income with Amz FBA?» we always point to this figure released by Amz themselves in their shareholders letter. 

Number Of Amz Sellers Making More than 6 Figures in Sales Revenue Per Year

*Source: Amz Shareholder Letter

There’s so many ways Amz FBA is crushing we could literally talk about it all day (and we do…), but if you want the full scoop keep reading below!

Okay, But What About the CORONA Virus and the Pandemic - How Did That Affect Amz?!

Won’t that affect things, will Amz still work… In Short the Answer is a RESOUNDING YES! Amz actually BENEFITED IMMENSELY From the Pandemic! Which means sellers like us are benefiting immensely as well!

Jeff Bezo’s Added Close to $50,000,000,000 to his Net Worth During the Pandemic…

Amz Hired an Additional 500,000 People to Try to Keep Up With Demand...

It's hard to believe how much this benefits YOU as an Amz Seller (Or Future Amz Seller!)

Experts Agree, this surge in demand for Amz will stick around LONG after CORONA is Gone

More People that have never bought ANYTHING ONLINE are turning to Amz...

About Our Team

We’ve been building and running high-performing successful Amz stores for over 4 years. It all started when Kevin built his first few big stores that allowed him to achieve complete freedom. After that, he started building stores for his friends and family. 

Over the last years, Kevin has assembled the best experts and partnered up with the most successful Amz sellers all over the world. Together, they have built stores for 100+ clients, including people from the US, Canada, Uk, Australia, and Europe.